Our Values . . .

  • Catlick Channel. We appreciate clean and wholesome fun. We are far from puritansbut we believe that there is more to art and entertainment than violencenuditysexual references or profanity.

  • Hard work. We aim to always be productivecreative and innovativebecause time is too valuable to waste. We strive for excellence and never settle for less. We aim to achieve a profound sense of pride and satisfaction in everything we create. Our reward is in our results.

  • Ambition. We shoot for the stars and beyond. We believe that no idea is too great to work towards. Every journey can be a lessona memorya silver lining. We have high hopes for a living.

  • Ethical behavior. At the heart of any relationshipconnection or transactionthere must be a foundation of trust. We promise to be the epitome of integrity and transparencyto treat everyone we encounter fairlyto fulfill our obligations and to take our responsibilities seriously.

  • Friendship. The most important part of Paranormal Booktivity andwe believeof life.

Our Vision . . .

I'm sure a part of all us would love to spend all our time in a real-life Halloween themed book/shop/cafe one day. For nowwhat has been enough for the past few years is just enjoying the story. Long nights in with Meechodrinking flavored coffeewatching spooky YouTube videos to get inspiration while I write notes on Paranormal Booktivity and talk about the characters and their back stories to my friends. It's almost like I've been living in Melvin all along, and that has been more than enough. Stillit would be amazing to share that feeling with more people (beyond my family and friends.) One dayif one person outside of my inner circle is entertained by being part of a Paranormal Booktivity adventure, then all the nights I've ever spent laughingterrified and exhausted will mean so much more.

We Support . . .

  • Animal Rights

  • LGBTQRights

  • Women's Rights

  • Start ups and small businesses

Paranormal Booktivity Limited

Company Number: 12070625

Registered Company Address: 40 Russell Street, Kettering, England, NN16 0EL

Incorporated on 26 June 2019

Director: Whitney Lynn Hayes

Nature of the business:

  • Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods.

  • Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet.

  • Book publishing.

  • Other publishing activities.​