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"A serial killer removes his victims' scalps and attaches them to the vintage mannequins he restores in his late mother's shop."


Paranormal Booktivity
4 Tayney Rating

Rated 18 for strong bloody violence.

4 Tayney Rating


Can you say, "Mommy Issues?" (Insert three sweaty laughing emojis here.)

Okay, so first things first. This movie has now been added onto my "proof of how versatile an actor Elijah Wood is" list. The man seriously went from whiny hobbit in LOTR, to canine loving junkie in Wilfred, to mute cannibal in Sin City to this. A very, very creepy boy with a knife. Apart from brilliantly appropriate casting, another cool thing about the film is it's shot in it's entirety through the killer's perspective - I can't think of any other thrillers that do this, and if I'm not mistaken it was the first (look it up and let me know) - so you get to see all the gory moments close up as well as fairly impressive reflections of him in mirrors. The hallucinations and flashbacks give a nice insight into his psychotic mind. Combine that with the editing and the sympathy you end up feeling for the protagonist and you almost leave the experience feeling like you could be a killer. (Insert double eye emoji here.)

Creepy, huh?

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