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"The sleepy little town of Woodsboro just woke up screaming. There's a killer in their midst who's seen a few too many scary movies ..."



Rated R for strong graphic horror violence and gore, and for language.


Okay, so I'm well aware of what certain critics have said about the Scream trilogy (note: from here on in I will be referring to the original trilogy and not the most recent, unplanned mistake which is Scream 4.) However, this is my site and I'm going to give you my opinion. Which is this. I fricking love Scream. I love the trilogy, it's a must have in any horror fan's collection. Yes, many elements are cliche - especially in the first film - but I think that's kind of the point? And also, I happen to enjoy cliche scenes in horror films (as long as they aren't over used). It's not like it's a dang copy-and-paste RomCom that gives young girls unrealistic expectations. It's a horror so it has it's must-haves. Y'know, like, a young girl receiving a call from the killer who's in the house or watching her, or someone falling while they're being chased - it gives you something to comment on with your friends (and I'm a huge fan of shouting at the screen; e.g. "Don't go in there!" even though you know they're fully going to go in there). So, I enjoy them - to the point where I will watch all 3 at least once a year. My personal favorite is the last in the trilogy, purely for the twist at the end (where, once again, the real killer isn't who you thought they were from the first or even second film) as well as the VHS message from Randy, my absolute favorite character in any horror film (mostly because he's fully the male version of me.) If you haven't seen Scream before, don't worry, you'll have probably seen parodies of it in any number of other films/TV shows - but if you're a true slasher fan (and, you're on this site so you probably are,) I would fully recommend organizing a marathon with your friends for your next horror weekend. On a personal note, I'm genuinely really curious to hear from first-timers out there! If you haven't watched any and you do, comment below or even DM me on Instagram. Would love to hear your opinions guys. Enjoy!

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