• Whitney Hayes

The Book of Spells

"Ancient and modern formulations to bring the power of good to your life, your love, your work, and your play."

So, a couple of things.

Firstly, I got this book in a cheap book store (and therefore was not expecting much) as I thought it'd be cute to have a few witchy books in the house, and this was the first one. Secondly, I wouldn't say I particularly believe in magic (or magick if you prefer) or even condone any serious attempt at delving into that world. But there's nothing wrong with a little light hearted exploration into this stuff (I hope!) like when you read your horoscope at the salon etc.

The first thing I did when I brought it home was show it to Tay and have a flick through it with her. The first part we examined was the contents section. You have "The Mystery of Magic" (which is an extremely interesting and brief introduction into various elements of magic) followed by each category of spells: "Look Good, Feel Good", "Catching & Keeping", "Fame & Fortune", "Labor of Love", "High Days & Holidays", and "Lucky Charms & Life Savers".

I really like how there are informative sections on different elements of magic (like numerology, symbols, colours etc.) and also how magic is seen and used around the world. They are anything but extensive, but you can still learn something - especially if you're just starting out like we are - and if anything it can always inspire you to go and find out more about whichever section you find most intriguing.

I also love the focus on nature with this book. I would say the majority of spells in this book all include materials or "ingredients" that you could easily get your hands on. They can be a fun activity for you and your coven to perform at your next meeting :)

My favourite is the Work Blessing on page 80: "Celtic spell to improve your success in business over the coming year." Fingers crossed it worked :P

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