• Whitney Hayes

The Halloween Tree

This book had to be the first featured on this section - because if there was ever anything, any one item, that could fully symbolize and represent my entire childhood, it would be this book.

As you may know, or can probably tell, I've always loved Halloween. It was always my favorite holiday. Every year I would do various things to celebrate like anyone else; dress up, gorge on candy, watch classic horrors etc. But there's one thing I did every single year, and still to this day look forward to the 31st of October so that I can do it - which is watch The Halloween Tree (then on Cartoon Network, now on my Cloud), the animated adaptation of Ray Bradbury's 1972 fantasy novel. After a couple of years of my parents noticing my love for this film, they bought me my own copy of the book - and I fell in love with the story even more.

I think this is the only adaptation where I don't complain about the movie being inevitably different than the book. Because I think as much as they cut out characters and bits and bobs, the essence is the same. You have the small town charm, Ray Bradbury narrating intros to scenes with infamous lines from the book, you get all the same tingly feelings (especially at the end! No spoilers, but seriously, the end gives me goosebumps and makes me cry every time).

It's a nice story, the concept itself of a "captured soul tree" is interesting, you really identify with the journey because I think we can all understand the infallible power of friendship (especially in our youth when it's all we have,) and you get to learn some things about our collective history when it comes to the actual holiday of Halloween. Win, win. I love it, I hope you guys love it if you don't already.

Click here to get your own copy and then check out the film because it's genuinely beautiful and moving. Comment below or reach out on social media, would love to know what you thought!

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