• Whitney Hayes

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

"Hundreds of video tapes of torture, murder and dismemberment show a killer's decade-long reign of terror."

Paranormal Booktivity
4.5 Tayney Rating

Rated R for sadistic violence and torture, including terror and graphic descriptions.

4.5 Tayney Rating.

I love pretty much anything with a "found-footage" element. From The Blair Witch Project, to American Horror Story: Roanoke, to Mermaids: The Body Found. Your brain tricks itself into thinking what you're seeing is real, and it's easier to lose yourself. Plus, whenever a film combines the "mockumentary" style,with lesser known actors (and I personally didn't recognize anyone in this film) it adds to the realism. And I always find horrors/thrillers featuring human monsters scarier, because it's believable.

That night, Tay and I had to watch The Cable Guy (comedy with Jim Carrey) and Mrs. Doubtfire (another comedy,with the late Robin Williams) as well as a few dozen Cyanide & Happiness shorts on YouTube - and I still went to bed thinking about how I would disarm a crafty masked serial killer if he were to enter my apartment.

Terrifying stuff!

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