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Paranormal Booktivity: The Mystery of the Stolen Spell Book


Five friends take a break from college life to return to their home-town of Melvin, Massachusetts, in order to celebrate their favorite holiday - Halloween!


As per tradition, Aaron, Robin, Curtis, Ashley and Nathaniel plan to get into the Halloween spirit by carrying out amateur paranormal-investigations during the week leading up to Halloween.


However, the group gets more than they bargained for when, for the first time in years of lighthearted ghost-hunting adventures, they encounter a spectral nightmare.


Determined to enjoy the rest of their vacation, and forever avoid such experiences in future; they collectively agree to put an end to their favorite hobby, to never provoke the spiritual barrier between life and death ever again. But when a confusing crime in their favorite hang-out spot occurs, Aaron, Robin, Curtis, Ashley and Nathaniel feel compelled to follow a trail of clues which lead them on an unexpected supernatural journey.


Now, these five friends must delve deeper into the unknown, dredge up secrets from their pasts, and seek and accept help from the beyond in order to solve the mystery.


Will they uncover the truth behind a mystery which has plagued Melvin for over a century?

How far will their relationships be affected, can their friendships emerge intact?

Will Halloween ever be the same again?


    All Hallows' Eve, All Year Round

    Paranormal Booktivity

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