Store Policy

Customer Care

The founder of Paranormal Booktivity Limited has spent their entire working life in Customer Service roles within various industries. They are good at what they do because they genuinely care about other people. They actively do what they can to make others happy, and if they have an obligation, they stick to it. They are obligated to take care of you through every step of your order process and through every interaction. They will try their very best to keep you informed of anything that will affect your experience.

Privacy & Terms

If you are interested in how data received from our website is used and stored, please carefully read our Privacy Policy. Please also read this alongside our Terms and Conditions. If you contact Paranormal Booktivity on any other platform regarding anything other than an order, the same efforts will be made to keep your data safe. Trust that Paranormal Booktivity exists to provide a service, at the heart of which lies customer safety and satisfaction.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
If you would prefer to make payments with another method not listed above, please contact us - we appreciate feedback on ways in which we can make interactions and transactions easier for our customers and will always try our best to accommodate your needs.